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Accredited training for regulated industries and industry recognized skills certifications. 

About LearnDay

Our mission is simple yet powerful, “Build an Online Education Platform for Certified and Regulated Industries” that promotes lifelong skills learning in an ever-changing workplace.

We’re working to disrupt higher education with online education and certification products for regulated and emerging industries. A 4-year college degree 10 years ago is just not relevant anymore, employers’ needs have changed and continue to change. We’re changing the model from Higher Education to Hire Education, to make people job ready, to re-skill or to up-skill, quicker and continuously, based on the needs of employers world-wide.

Our goal is to educate and empower people, wherever they may live, certify their qualifications through recognised institutions and regulated bodies across the world.

Learn new skills online from
industry experts
and educators

Develop your career, learn a new skill, or change your career today, at your own speed with our flexible online courses. All the courses are designed and presented through our online platform in collaboration with world-class universities and industry experts.


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