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In 2020, Chris Greyling and Jacques Wong joined forces to start LearnDay amidst a global pandemic, which will change the way we learn forever. The mission is simple yet powerful, (1.) Build an online education platform for certified and regulated industries that promotes learning lifelong skills in an ever-changing workplace. (2.) Provide a platform to encourage and deliver learning for life.

There is no single path to expertise, be it a diploma or degree as the skills required to face tomorrow’s challenges will be new and different. To successfully solve our worlds unique problems depends not upon uniformity, but on our diversity, for our differences and uniqueness make us powerful. Therefore, our goal is to educate and empower people, wherever they may live, certify their qualifications through recognized institutions and regulated bodies across the world.

We are passionate about bringing a new dimension to online education and its worth to the student and employers alike. In fact we believe there is a revolution going on in education and we plan on leading the way.

What differentiates
us is the emphasis
we place on:

  • Mandatory education/training for regulated industries
  • Curriculum development and partnerships with established educational institutions and subject experts across all disciplines
  • Proprietary courses/certifications recognized by major employers (not by biased tutors)
  • Independent certification of student performance and examinations
  • Accreditation and regulatory approvals for training material
  • Industry recognition of our proprietary courses/certifications
  • Partnerships with existing higher education institutions (high exclusivity)

Our Values


We help our learners, our partners and each other to be the best they can be, welcoming anyone to the LearnDay community.

Trusted Content

Created by experts, LearnDay’s library of trusted courses covers regulated industries and certification programs across many disciplines.


We are transparent with our learners, our partners and each other about what we are doing and why.


We will not be constrained by what already exists but will lead the way in introducing new ways to achieve our mission.

Meet the Team

Jacques Wong

Chief Executive Officer
Founder and CEO of PNC Learning (A wholly owned LearnDay subsidiary), one of Canada’s leading independent providers of pre-licensing and accredited continuing education courses for insurance professionals. https://courses.pnclearning.com With programs currently in use by thousands of students and at some of the largest insurance brokerages across Canada, Jacques has deep experience in successfully launching and marketing new e-Learning programs for the fitness industry, financial services, and other regulated industries.  With a technical background, his expertise in e-Learning includes content creation, sales & marketing, and everything required to bring a new e-Learning program to market from the ground up.

Chris Greyling

President and Chairman
Being a serial entrepreneur and visionary, Chris founded a number of diverse companies solving problems in challenging markets which included financial, E-Commerce, telecommunications and software solutions. Successful exits of two companies, both to JSE (Johannesburg Stock Exchange) listed companies in 1995 and 2005.​ After he left South Africa and settled in the UK, he used his leadership and skills to assist companies to achieve hyper growth in the UK market utilizing the four-dimensional (4D) market and sales technique, for which he owns the copyright to.

Chris is Co-founder and CEO of Bloxsar Tech Ventures, Inc., https://www.bloxsar.com/  which is the majority shareholder in blocksEDU.

Wayne Van Damme

Chief Learning Officer & Director
As an executive with over forty years of progressive experience in information management and systems, Wayne has obtained knowledge and understanding of a wide range of business issues for large and complex organizations in both the private and public sector. Wayne has proven skills in leadership along with strategic and operational planning, customer service, timely delivery of large complex projects, team building and staff development. He retired in 2007 but came out of retirement in 2014 to create courses for the Project Management Certificate program at Okanagan College where he stills teaches. It was during this time that Wayne first conceived the idea of Education-as-a-Service (EaaS). Wayne is committed to providing real world education solutions for such problems in a manner that provide long-term sustainability and global value. Wayne is CEO of blocksEDU Learning Corp. https://www.blocksedu.com

Justin Goldston, PhD.

Chief Learning Evangelist
Dr. Justin Goldston is a Professor of Project and Supply Chain Management at Penn State University, where his research is focused on blending the practices of supply chain management, emerging technologies such as blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, and sustainability to create positive global change. Dr. Goldston is a research faculty affiliate for the Center for the Business of Sustainability at the Smeal College of Business at Penn State and an active contributing faculty member to The Sustainability Institute at Penn State.


New York, USA

Vancouver, Canada

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